CJ Optics

CJ Optics

Microscopes for Medicine and Technology All microscopes are developed on the needs of modern medicine / technology and are also improved constantly. The modern design, the functionality as well as ergonomics are extraordinary and guarantee an effortless work for a longer period. The optical quality fascinates by brilliant, distortionless pictures with high resolution and maximum depth of sharpness. These optical glasses are the best with the given application and reach the newest treatment technologies. On request we offer you the modification of available lighting systems of diagnosis or operation microscopes of the brands Zeiss, Möller-Wedel, Leica, Optomic and more for LED lighting facilities.

Dental HNO Microscope Features:

  • Integrated High Power LED system
  • New Ergonomic design for relaxed working
  • Enhanced optical system for superb image quality
  • Apochromatic 5-step magnification changer and objectives
  • Binocular straight tube f 170 mm with IPD adjustment knob
  • counter balanced Arm MechanismCoaxial cold light illumination system
    120° inclined coupling
  • Objective f 200mm fine focussing system with knob
  • Microscope head balancing system
  • Swing in green filter
  • Accessories: swivel tube 0-220°, beam splitter with c-mount or endoscope adapter
  • Optional: video recording documentation systems
  • Sterilization kit

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