Upcoming Events

Anthogyr Implantology Seminar. 27-28 Fedbruary 2017. For more info contact: Scanlase

IDS. International Dental Show. 21-27 March, Cologne, Germany.

Laser Implanvology Seminar 4-7 of May 2017, Cannes.
Speaker Dr. Gilles P. Chaumanet.

Seminar flyer

Arranged by ScanLase and LaserEdu


Mastership in Lasers. By LaserEdu Oy

1.     21-22.4.2017, Vaasa, Finland.  LSO (Laser Safety Officer) + physiks.

2.     14-17.6.2017, Vaasa, Finland.  Diode

         21-23.9.2017, WFLD-ED, congress + workshop. Thessaloniki, Greece. (Voluntary)

3.     8-11.11.2017, Vaasa, Finland. Erbium

4.     23-24.4.2018, Aachen, Germany. Final exams.

- Call for Special offer:    Biolase Waterlase iPlus 2,0 + Epic X full set +  Mastership program.
- - Limited time offer from Scanlase.

 Anthogyr Implantology Seminar. 26-27 October 2017. For more info contact: Scanlase

SCANLASE On the Road – Finland tour

We are currently planning SCANLASE On the Road - Finland tour.

We are introducing:

BIOLASE   Waterlase iPlus 2.0, alltissue laser
                       Epic X, diode laser

Anthogyr   Implants axiom concept. REG, PX, 2,8
                       Instruments as beSAFE etc

CJ-Optik    Dental microscope

Finland tour will start in late 2016 and last all 2017. The schedule is coming soon.