What is Biolase?

BIOLASE is revolutionizing surgery in dentistry and medicine with WaterLase technology. We specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of lasers and related products to provide biological treatments that eliminate pain and are safer for patients. BIOLASE leads the global dental industry with our flagship, best-selling laser system such as the WaterLase iPlus™, featuring novel, patented laser technologies designed by BIOLASE's R&D and clinical teams to perform dental and medical surgery, while dramatically reducing pain and improving clinical results.

About Biolase

History of Biolase

BIOLASE products – from the  WaterLase iPlus™ and  WaterLase MD™ all tissue laser systems, to the ezlase™ Total Diode Solution™ and iLase wireless diode laser systems, and DioLase 10™ High Intensity Laser Therapy system – come from a long history of technological and clinical innovation.  Founded in 1987 by a renowned endodontist, our first products included a semi-automated endodontic handpiece. Even then, BIOLASE envisioned using lasers with water to cut teeth painlessly, and had begun tackling this challenge. 

Product line

  • WaterLase® iPlus 2.0
    - An all new Laser System for Expanding Clinical Capabilities and Growing Your Dental Practice
  • EPIC™ X Diode Laser
    - Standard soft tissue diode laser
    - Enables General Dentists to offer Laser-Assisted Teeth Whitening and exclusive Pain Therapy treatment modes.

Education and usage

Gain clinical skills with your WaterLase iPlus 2.0, we will be there with you:

- Clinical support and mentoring
- Marketing support
- Billing and practice management support
- Online product support for your team
- After six months of routine use, we are confident that WaterLase iPlus 2.0 will have helped you grow your practice. If not, our Practice Growth Guarantee means that we will work with you directly with additional support to achieve success.

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Service and support

You rely on your Biolase laser system to provide your patients with the highest level of comfort and clinical care, and you can rely on us to keep it performing properly. We’re just a phone call away.

You invested in the best laser available, a high quality, advanced technology system designed and manufactured by Biolase in the US. We hope you have made Biolase laser technology an indispensible part of your everyday patient care. Doesn’t it make sense to assure that your investment is protected?

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